Why Look For a Perfectly Balanced Condo Investment?

Victoria De Manila 2

Victoria De Manila 2 is perfectly balanced investment for 4 main reasons.


The price of Victoria De Manila(2) units is the lowest you can find along Taft Avenue.  Starting at Php1.5M (or Php1.4M if you reserved a unit 2 months ago) and a very convenient 36-month downpayment without interest, makes Victoria De Manila 2 a lower-risk investment. Also good for first-time investors who are still reluctant to invest a big chunk of their savings right away.

Premium Amenities

Most of the time, if you found a low priced condo, it almost always relates to the condo project with minimal amenities. Some may even go as simple as using only stairs instead of a more convenient elevator facility.

Victoria De Manila 2 is the first condo in Manila with a sports complex. To be equipped with quality sports and fitness amenities for a more healthier lifestyle. Added with a commercial area to cater its residents personal and social needs.  A premium amenity doesn’t always mean a high price. And Victoria De Manila 2 condominium project is here to prove that.

Superior Location

Other condo projects will tell you that their location is great but Victoria De Manila 2(and few others) will claim that its location is superior compared to other projects nearby. With a very high visibility, in walking distance to a mall and several schools, convenient access to transportation and a ready market just around its fore ground. With Victoria De Manila 2’s location, what more can you ask for?

A Stable Rental Market

The last thing you want to happen to your condo investment is to find it without a tenant for a long period of time. A great amenity can be created, but not a great market. You have to find them.

Victoria De Manila 2 is strategically located in an area with a very high demand for rental units. Several schools of all levels and business offices(mostly manning agencies) around the project made this possible.

Why look for a balanced condo investment? A balanced condo investment simply translates to one thing, a good passive income.


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