Condo For Investment – Victoria De Manila 2

Victoria De Manila 2 - Swimming Pool

Victoria De Manila 2 has all the recipe to make it a good investment. Not every condo is a good investment. That is why as a buyer, you should know what to look for when choosing your investment property.

1. High Rental Demand

Before you jump into investing, make sure that you are truly convinced that condo property will give you a passive-income in the near future. Victoria De Manila 2 is a condominium that is surrounded by schools, universities and business establishments. These are the factors that contributes to the locations high rental demand.

2. Convenient Payment Term

Downpayment payable in 36 months without interest is what makes Victoria De Manila 2’s payment term so convenient. No need to shell out a large amount of money for the downpayment because it is still on Pre-selling stage. By reserving a unit now, you’re investment will be protected from the future price increases.

3. On-Demand And Unique Amenities (Sports Complex)

Victoria De Manila 2 is the first condo in Manila to have a Sports Complex. Play basketball on its hardwood, full-size and indoor basketball court. Other sports facilities include a Tennis Court, Badminton Courts, Lap Pool, Billiard Hall, Fitness Gym and Spa. In addition, Victoria De Manila 2 will also have a commercial area at the ground floor.

4. Highly Visible Location (Along U-Belt)

Victoria De Manila 2 is located at the corner of Taft Avenue and General Malvar Street in Malate Manila. Highly visible and highly accessible because it is located at middle of Manila’s business district, where it is surrounded with a premium mall, schools and universities, job placement agencies, hospitals, government agencies and many more. National parks are also a short walk away.

For more photos and sample computation about this investment opportunity , please visit this website.


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