If Time is on Your Side, Choose a Pre-Selling Condo

Pre-selling condos actually have many advantages except for the waiting time until the project is delivered. Ever wondered why real estate agents keep on offering this pre-selling condo properties and yet people keep on buying? There must be something about pre-selling condos that even until now, more and more projects  keep on coming and almost all of the units get sold before a project is finished. Some are even before the condo construction has begun. Well, there really are some advantages. They are as follows:

1. With pre-selling condo projects, you can still choose the better unit locations.

Just like being able to pick the freshest fruits when you came early at the market. Early buyers get to choose the best locations when no one or only a few ones have chosen a unit  before you. Pre-selling condos  favor those who reserve early by giving them the chance to choose the best locations.

2. Pre-selling condos are always offered on introductory price and sometimes, discounts.

Save your purse from expensive buys and save a lot of money by buying a condo at a lower price. Pre-selling condos are usually offered below market value. The deal gets even more better if the developer offers generous discounts.

3. Pre-selling condos offer better payment schemes (no outright downpayment).

By investing on a pre-selling condo project, your hard-earned money goes out of your wallet more slowly than buying on a finished project. This is because pre-selling condo projects usually offer no outright downpayment scheme which enables you to pay the downpayment with lower monthly increments. Thus reducing the risk for you. It is more convenient too.

4. Pre-selling condo projects give you extra time for planning.

With pre-selling condo projects, you can have more time to choose the best interior design for your condo unit. And if are planning to rent out your condo unit, pre-selling condo gives you some time to study the rental market and its needs.

5. You get the bragging rights of having the latest condo development, usually with better amenities.

Of course you bought the latest iphone because it has better features. You can flaunt it to your friends too. Just like a pre-selling condo project, it usually comes with better amenities than the existing ones. What are your condos amenities? Have you checked the first Sports Condo lately?

6. Get immediate spike in property value when the building is finished.

The cream of the crop. Pre-selling condo projects are known to increase its value significantly when it is finished. You said you want to invest? Then you should be looking at properties that has the potential to give a good return or passive income in the future, one of them is a pre-selling project.

The risk about the project not being delivered can easily be neutralized by choosing a reputable developer. When time is on your side, choose a pre-selling project.


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